Let’s Ride!


They can.  And it’s not going to cost you thousands of dollars to have it produced.  You can share the cost with others, have your name on the video, and have copies to show in your store.  Or give away to your customers.  Links from this website.  The whole shooting match. For a reasonable subscription fee.  Pretty cool, huh?

TT1_DugRd1st+PeopleWYou can now see the Bike Trail Videos TEST EDITS in THREE versions. Link to your choice HERE.   You can also see the first “Final” edits on the websites of our subscribers.  Link to their websites HERE.

Short Tour.  This is the shortest — less than 3 minutes (minus credits).  It’s a quick spin around the trail with shorter clips of everything in the others, including Eagle Cam footage and Decorah highlights, intended for people with short attention spans :>) or who are just curious.  Good starter.

Medium Tour.  The second is about 7 minutes and hits the high points with aerial footage and an animated map in addition to the best of the Go Pro Helmet Cam footage.

MapAnimFRAMErWFull Tour.  The third one is a full tour of the trail, with extensive helmet cam HD footage, plus footage of mountain biking trails, places to stay and eat and shop, Nordic Fest, natural wonders and other highlights of visiting Decorah.

These are all professionally produced HD videos that have helmet cam footage shot on 3 tours of the trail, from early to late Fall ‘12, plus aerial footage, and the animated map.  EAgleCam3eggsWWe’ve also secured permission to include prime footage from the original, world famous Decorah Eagle Cam, an important drawing card of the trail.  Thanks to Bob Anderson and the Raptor Resource Project.

It’s a great way to promote the trail and economic development in the Decorah area, and you can be a part of it.  You can SUBSCRIBE, you can be a SPONSOR, or you can be a DONOR.   Thanks for checking it out.  Remember, a rising tide lifts all the boats.