About the Producer

KyrlBikesIn4ENDsmWKyrl Henderson incorporated his current production company in 1977.  He’s written and produced thousands of business communications pieces: film, TV, photography, radio, print, web, graphic and logo design.

Kyrl’s primary work now is as a filmmaker.  Recent film projects include “Hand Me Downs”, a short film shot and produced using local cast and crew.  In addition to being accepted at the Oneota Film Festival, the film was accepted at the Iowa Independent Film Festival in the Summer of 2012.
Kyrl has also produced the intro for the Oneota Film Festival, and a number of films recently for various clients, including several for Luther College (listed below), the Winneshiek Energy District (also accepted at the Oneota Film Festival), Featherlite Trailers’ sister brand “Haulmark”, the Decorah Community School District in support of the recent, successful school bond referendum (for which he donated over half of the production), and “Tracking the Iowa Mural” for local artist Carl Homstad.  “Let’s Meet in Decorah” was produced for the Decorah Visitors Bureau.  A series of stories told by World War II hero Bob Hunt of Decorah from his book “We Were Pirates“.  He shot and produced the “Frame Raising” (construction) of the Trout Run Fish Hatchery Visitor’s Center for Wild Rose Timberworks.  He’s produced films for many types and sizes of businesses, from international airlines (Delta, Singapore and Cathay Pacific) and manufacturers (3M / many others) to small, local businesses.

KyrlBikeHelmetSMwKyrl is also active as a volunteer in a number of community organizations: as President of the Board of the Oneota Film Festival and Chair of the Decorah Historic Preservation Commission.

Here’s a selection of recent productions for Luther College:

Luther College: Paideia 450: Ethical Choices

Luther College‬: Learning in Community: Paideia

Luther College: Paideia Summer Reading: the Conversation Begins ‬

Luther College‬: Paideia 111-112, Tying it All Together.

Luther College: Convenience and Safety‬

Luther College: Parent Friendly‬

You can see more examples of a wide variety of Kyrl’s work on his website.